This Blog: A Retrospective

Well, here we are at the end. Thirty-one entries for the month of October. (Today is November 1st, don't worry about it.)

I wrote for every gort damn day. I fookin' did it.

The reception overall, I'd say, was pleasantly warm. Several people, when I told them about this blog, immediately informed me I should be doing a vlog. Many others said they checked it out, which I appreciate greatly, but judging by the number of people that hung around to come back a second time, isn't exactly a rave review. Then again, my life is not full of nail-biting intrigue, rather mostly sitting on the couch and thinking.

But that's exactly why I started this blog. To order my thoughts, keep busy, and to set a goal and MEET IT.

Jak advised that I find another personal project to work on for November, but... can't I keep working on this one? Toby said to me: "There weren't a lot of comments, so I left one." I would hope more the content urged you to join in the discussion, rather than pity.

I certainly don't feel like this was a failure, quite literally I did what I set out to do, and I was even surprised by how many friends left no digital trace but told me in person they looked at my blog.

At the very least, I wish I had implemented Google Analytics sooner to catch these invisible lurkers. Though we did break double digits on unique visitors in the last three days of October! Yep, thirteen individuals graced these pages with their presence. A tip of the hat to you fine folks.

All in all I recevied many (metaphorical) pats on the back and approving head nods but very few standing ovations calling for more, more, MORE!

So I'm not sure where to go next. I'd love to hear your thoughts.