The Revenant - That's Me

I saw The Revenant today. MAN that was a heavy movie. I was awe-struck when I saw Birdman last year and def thought it was deserving of best picture at the Oscars. So I was excited for another Alejandro González Iñárritu film but... The Revenant was just hard to watch. It's nearly three hours of harsh. The unforgiving sides of nature and mankind.

I thought the trailer was really good.

Before seeing the movie I asked Angelo what "revenant" meant. I was doing mental etymology and figured the root must either be the French revenir (to return) or rêve (dream). He told me it means someone who has come back from the dead, like a ghost or spirit. I mentally patted myself on the back and also Angelo for knowing what it meant.

My brief, curt review: I thought Tom Hardy did a stunning job. He's plays an over-the-top cruel character but still grounds it in humanity and therefore believability. Everyone I have told about the movie so far has asked me if I think Leo will win the long awaited Oscar aaannnnnnnd I don't know. Being on-set was no doubt rigorous but is that enough to win the award? He didn't exactly display a range of emotion in the film... Mostly grunting on the ground. The Onion says it best: Leonardo DiCaprio Hopes He Screamed And Cried Good Enough In ‘The Revenant’ To Win Oscar. There you have it, my highly anticipated Oscar weigh-in.

There were also only two women in the entire three hour movie and I think combined they had three lines of dialogue and five minutes of screen time. MINOR SPOILERS IF YOU CARE but let's just say 50% of the female characters were killed and 50% were raped. I know, "history" and all that but if you're giving me an all-male cast you could at least go easy on the violence against women. Especially violence against women which is used as a story-telling tool to advance a male character's development. But I digress. Beautiful cinematography.

I feel like my whole day was seeing The Revenant.

It was in the 20s today and wind chill was fierce and biting so Angelo and I had a few good chuckles by pretending we were experiencing similar conditions to Leo DiCaps. An easy joke.

I'm going skiing in a month!!! I haven't been in six...? years. Can't wait.

I like the Oscars, by the way. And movies. I have also seen The Big Short, Room, Mad Max, and Spotlight. I will happily discuss them, should anyone like to.