TGIF the 13th

Met with the girl in TV production for coffee. She said, "That's really admirable that you quit your job before finding your next gig."

She meant it sincerely, but when phrased like that, it doesn't sound admirable at all. "That's so impressive you decided to stop doing something that made you money because you felt like it and didn't plan ahead at all." It sounds fool-hardy and rash. Young, privileged and egotistical. That's me!

My interview went well this morning. I talked to both co-founders but the second one only had fifteen minutes with me before he had to jump on a call. He was very apologetic for having our time cut short. It was strange as the interviewee to be forgiving the interviewer. He asked me if I had any last questions (I said no, having asked the other guy plenty) and returned the question back to him, if there was any last thing he wanted to ask of me (we'd only really covered my time at Betaworks and the virtual bookshelf project I built). He looked pained and said, "I'm so sorry we couldn't talk for longer." It's fine dude, it's your interview.

I wore my new dress! Yay $15! It's very soft.

Today is Friday the 13th and I saw two black kitties on my way home. Two bad lucks make a good luck!

Nora is coming down from Paris to hang out in Barcelona when I'm there!!! I am so excited! Yo necessito practiquer mi Español. (Written without looking up anything, I know it's wrong. ¡Yo no hablo Español!)