Subway Lady Endorsed

I took it upon myself today to review some of my older entries and I noticed that my headlines could use some spicing up. They are opaque, contextless and not entirely alluring. Maybe a better headline for this one would be: "A Lady On The Subway Spoke To Me And You Won't Believe What She Said!"

Riding the subway back home this evening with Toby and Jake, we managed to just catch the G train. We ran onto the car and the doors closed. Toby mentioned that catching the G can make or break your day (fondly known as the "ghost train" for the long waits.) He said it's always sad to see someone running for the train, and miss it. Then, the lady sitting below us (we were all standing) chimed in and said, "You should hold the door open for them." We laughed but I'm not sure how much she was joking. Toby said he would appreciate it if someone did that for him and she said "I know you would." Then she turned to Jake and said "You're the quiet one, huh?" She was on a roll. I felt like I was her audience, she would checkin with me from time-to-time with a knowing look.

It culminated in Toby telling an anecdote about when Paul, our CEO, said he would have more free-time after his wife had their baby. Toby joked, "Paul, I don't think you know how babies work. They're easier when they're-," here he gestured to his stomach, "inside." The lady looked at me with her eyebrows raised and said, "He knows a lot about women." And with perfect timing, she stood up, the doors opened, and she left the train. Jake and I agreed Toby should add that to any online dating profile. Subway Lady endorsed!

Part of my job is now to play video games. In my youth (and college) I played a fair amount, but the past two years I've begun to play them less and less. Partly because my Wii is increasingly obsolete and partly because I always feel so guilty doing it--if I really have this much down-time, shouldn't I at least be reading?

But now I've come to view playing games as nothing short of job research. I'm constantly trying new iPhone games and spending money in them (with my $20 monthly stipend) which feels deliciously naughty. I bought a $10 dress in the Kendall & Kylie app which is atrocious but like, an actual work expense. I'm going to buy a PS4 with my tax return. I've been playing games that run on my Macbook Air (Fez, Bioshock Infinite, Plants vs Zombies.) And I don't feel guilt-ridden and horrible about it. I also feel less bad about declaring something dumb or not for me and moving on. I was an obsessive compulsive completionist in my younger days, plowing through awful books and games for no other reason than because I had to.

And yes, the header image is me and Kendall, hanging out at a party at her house. Super casual. Whenever I'm making a Kris-based avatar, I always pick green eyes. My eyes are hazel, green and brown, but you'd never know; they just look brown. I wish they were greener. One time a smoothy cart man told me I had beautiful eyes and he's the only person that's ever said that to me and it made my day and life.