Started From the Bottom, Still Here

Last night we had another 11pm soccer game. Only in New York, right? We had to forfeit because I was the only girl that showed up but we still got creamed regardless. The other team was mostly made of short stocky bros who had some really good footwork. I was concerned they were going to be douches, but they were good sports. I scored one of our two goals in the game and the other team was surprisingly complimentary about it. Several of them came up to me after and said "nice goal." It felt good, that's for sure. It was a perfect cross from down field to my right foot and with one touch I fired it into the left side of the net.

I watched the first two episodes of Aziz Ansari's new Netflix show Master of None. Overall I like it and laughed out loud more than once but...someone who has seen it, please, tell me what you think. The acting feels so stilted to me. As my old high school drama teacher Mrs. Bookwalter would say "trucks just went by." A rather opaque term, one I think she invented at a particularly long rehearsal, but what it means is that the pauses between lines of dialogue are so lengthy that trucks have had time to drive by in the interlude. It is a common mistake for amateur actors to wait for their scene partners to finish their line, hear their cue, process that and then start. Except in Aziz Ansari's show they're all professionals, so what's up? I looked up reviews online to see if anyone else felt this way and, well, I only skimmed, but I found nothin'.

[Edit: OK I went back and looked it up again and actually read stuff this time. This is what I meant, but said much better by Slate]:

Master of None’s devotion to thinking things through is responsible for the weakest aspect of the show: the way Dev and his friends talk to each other, which is frontloaded in the early episodes. The dialogue is thoughtful and funny, but it has a stagey quality, at odds with the show’s general naturalism. [...] Because of the show’s fixation on getting to the bottom of social weirdnesses, conversations double as investigations. Exchanges are peppered with “good point,” as though people in conversation were really trying to hear each other out. There’s so much on the show’s mind, it has a hard time shooting the shit.

I've felt a little off and light headed all day. Like I drank too much coffee. I have that fidgety feeling too.

THE MOUSE IS BACK. THE MOUSE IF FUCKING BACK. Unless we had more than one in here but I've never seen more than one at a time. I can't believe it. You're telling me this mouse chewed through two trash bags and climbed five flights to return to his spot under the stove?

It feels like nothing's changed since I started this blog after all. The microwave is still broken, the washer is still broken. The mouse is still here. I'm still unemployed.