Siesta Fiesta

I had a coffee appointment today with a woman working in TV production. I got home from Angelo's at noon and then proceeded to loll around until 2pm when I frantically realized I needed to make food in order to leave by 3 to meet up in the city by 4. I ran (walked) to the grocery store and began cooking an elaborate, flustered meal and didn't finish until 3:00. I cleaned up, ate my food in five minutes and was out the door by 3:15. Angelo and his mother had been calling me while I was cooking BECAUSE I'M GOING TO BARCELONA FOR THANKSGIVING and they needed my info to coordinate flights. (Angelo's mother is going for work and invited her son and, graciously, me along for the trip. I was hesitant because my net worth is 0 dollars and I'm not exactly in need of a vacation but it turns out her company is paying for the flight and job employers ain't going to be checking their e-mails during Thanksgiving anyway. I've never been to Spain!!!!!)

But I didn't have 30 seconds to spare to pick up the phone while cooking so I sent them the necessary info while waiting for the M train. It wasn't until I was on the train, over the East River that I thought I should check my e-mail to confirm our time and location (and maybe do some light stalking so I would know what the girl looked like.) Ah, wouldn't it be ironic if she cancelled on me. Sure enough, there in my inbox was an email asking to reschedule. D'oh. Since I was on that baby already I rode the M to 14th street and went to Urban Outfitters, a store I haven't stepped foot in for a good long while.

I picked out a bizarre crop top outfit for fun and a soft turquoise dress on sale for $15 (from $70!) as the "serious" option. The crop top ensemble looked horrid but the dress was real cute so I bought it (c'man 15 bucks! It practically pays for itself) and I'm going to wear it to my interview tomorrow.

That's right, I have an interview tomorrow! It's for a community manager position at a tiny early, early stage startup. I'd be employee four, I think. And the coffee meeting that was supposed to be today is now tomorrow.

I played soccer tonight (a modest 9pm game) and one of the players on the other team, a tall, muscular black man, unintentionally bowled me over during a break away towards our goal. He tried to catch me going down but it resulted in him grabbing my arm and dragging me across the turf a short ways because he had too much momentum to stop. I scraped my knee but was otherwise fine.