Position Cancelled

I got an email this morning with the subject line "Position Cancelled." The body of the email said "Thank you for your interest in the COPYWRITER position for which you applied for has been filled." The email then invited me to "apply for other positions" at the company.

OK one, the position was not "cancelled", it was filled, we probably want to reword the subject line. Second, that sentence is a sloppy run-on and third, you don't want your automated email to be so obvious that the customized word is all in caps! The way "COPYWRITER" disrupts the flow of the sentence is almost comical, like this email is satirizing automated rejection. You can almost hear the computerized voice spitting out the word.

Last night, my boyfriend's roommate Ronnie gave us a ride home from a birthday party in SoHo (where they had baked all gluten-free treats so I ate one million of them!!) He had an upright bass with him as he had just come from UN orchestra rehearsal (or something). Three of us sat in the back seat with an upright bass acting as person four and five. I shared a seat with the neck (correct term?) of the bass and had to have my knees up by my chest stacked one on top of the other. My left leg started to cramp but I was so tired I drifted off despite my acute discomfort. Also Ronnie asked me if I had mentioned him in my blog yet, so here you go Ronnie.

I want to do an open mike, that's my big self-challenge currently. I've been saying I'll do one for far too long. In the words of Shia LaBeouf "JUST DO IT!!!"

I don't know what the header image is. It was hard to find a landscape photo of an upright bass and this one was hilarious. She's in an empty field with flower petals swirling around -- is this a drawing of a photo shoot? An abandoned building in the background and a black cat. Is she more than just a decadently dressed upright bass player? Is she a witch??