Now Sugar Free!

I had taekwondo tonight. I like watching everyone do their forms (every belt level has a form they must learn and practice--essentially a series of punches and kicks.) Even though there is a wide variety of skill, ages, fitness and speed there's something really beautiful about moving as one synchronized(ish) group.

I also got to see our teacher do a form for the first time tonight. He was nothing short of awesome and terrifying.

I decided to not each sugar in the month of March. DAY ONE = SO FAR SO GOOD. I'm not being extra picky about it, for instance, I'm eating dates right now. It's more about avoiding sweets and added sugars.

I proudly announced my month's undertaking this morning at work (why do such a thing if not to humble brag about it?) and most people were scandalized and saddened that I would deprive myself.

"Aren't you already gluten-free?" Emily asked me.

This morning at work the building's alarm went off. This has happened several times at WeWork in the two months we've been there, once for three days in a row to test the fire alarm and another to assure us the weird smell on the 6th floor was safe. So naturally I assumed it was more nonsense.

A garbled voice came over the loud speaker and gave a crackly string of gibberish ending with "please stay calm." About the worst combination you can hear: inaudible nonsense followed by "please stay calm." That could run the gamut from this is a test to evacuate the building immediately. Naturally, we decided to all remain at our desks and continue working. A few moments later the PA comes back on and our fearless leader says, "It was a false alarm." Which leads me to believe the first announcement was a regular alarm?? Good god.