My, what a day

It rained all day.

The roof in our apartment is currently leaking.

I had a meeting at the department of labor today and had to show the last four weeks of my work search record. To prove I'm not scamming the US gov for $$ and sitting on the couch all day eating potato chips.

The woman checking people in asked everyone if they had brought their work search record. One girl said "No, I'm in school." and left it at that. Another took out an envelope, turned over the paper inside and when the woman repeated the question she said, "No." One man had his whole search history on his phone but the lady told him this was no good, it either had to be printed or hand written. One girl went above and beyond and had her work search record up on JobZone, the atrocious web app the NY Dept. of Labor has on their site as a digital alternative for keeping track of your work search records. I sat in the waiting room and played my DS, always a little self-conscious to be an adult playing on a hand-held video game.

I met with Inna again, the same woman I had for my first appointment, a tiny kind Russian woman who seemed to genuinely have my best interests at heart. She asked me (again) if my name is Kristina. We talked about my Russian last name and keeping immigrant languages alive past the second generation.

At the end I told her, "Well, I hope I don't see you again, actually."
And she said, "You won't. We won't ask you back after this."

Afterwards I headed over to Toby's, who for some reason had the day off today, and played some good old Rocket League, a video game where you are cars playing soccer. I cannot stress how fun this is.

Finally, I went to go see Michael Moore's new film Where Should We Invade Next? at the Lincoln Center as part of the NY Film Festival. A family friend hooked me up with the tickets and I was on the verge of not going because we had hurricane warning weather outside, I had no time to eat dinner, it was all the way up at the Lincoln Center and I had been unable to find anyone to go with me. I went, it was a fucking wonderful film.

I did a lot of not applying to jobs today for a person with no job.

I promise they won't all be this wordy synopsis.