Museum of Natural History

I went to the Natural History Museum today! It's a Tuesday! Fuck you! Haha!

Angelo had never been before and I have only been 400 times. Whenever I visited New York, from the ages of 0 to 12, my great aunt always took me. I was very afraid of the dark sperm whale and giant squid diorama in the corner of the Hall of Ocean Life, which apparently is not an uncommon childhood fear.

Speaking of, it was the Hall of Ocean Life Angelo was most excited to see but it was closed for a private event. We went to the Hall of Gems instead, a poor substitute for Ocean Life, in a section of the museum I've been to once out of 400 visits, but Angelo seemed just as thrilled by the rocks as he would have been otherwise. He eagerly showed me a mineral that looked like it had "glitter all over it" and was in awe of a huge, pitch black stone. I was amused by his wonder over precious gems in their raw forms because if it had been jewelry on display, his disinterest would have been palpable.*

I fretted over how to properly word a follow up email for yesterday's interview in the Hall of the Universe. In retrospect that seems like a missed opportunity for self-reflection. What does the tone of a follow-up e-mail mean in the scheme of the universe? Less than nothing. I weigh 50 pounds on the moon and 3,200 on the sun.

We have a mouse in our apartment (I know, fuck me and no the washer is not fixed but thank you for asking) who makes brief cameos and then disappears for months at a time. I have never found any trace of nibbling or gnawing on our packaged food products, nor have I seen the mouse anywhere except on the ground and even then only when I have been sitting still on the sofa for a while. And mice are tiny, it's no bigger than a fun-sized candy bar. Together, these facts make the presence of the mouse somewhat palatable for me. Additionally, we learned of its cohabitation during peak roach infestation. An animal with a face that did not seem to be inside everything all the time was nothing short of a friend.

EXCEPT all this is to say that in the last week it's come out almost every day and even into my room twice. The mouse seems to like my company in particular. It only comes out when I'm home and often shows up when I read out loud on the living room sofa.

*Angelo disputes this, saying he would be interested in a museum display of jewelry.