A Winter WonderLANd


It's been a while, I know, but since I received not one but two and a half requests to write another blog post, here I am! I'm sorry to say this does not mean daily updates, but it's mid-March and it's snowing outside and the mood struck.

Truly, I did receive a "half request" (direct quote) to write another entry.

À la my original decision to write about this day and not yesterday or tomorrow I shan't bore you with a lengthy synopsis but suffice it to say I am still happily employed at Dots and living in the same apartment.

Wow, it's snowing quite hard. I think the only thing nicer than curling up and reading when it's raining out, is curling up and reading when it's snowing out. I just started reading the book The Name of the Wind given to me some two years ago by a friend who was moving out of New York. Another friend had lent him the book and in the two years it remained in his possession, he had never once opened it. Today I break the spell!!

I woke this morning determined to be productive, freeing me up to enjoy a lazy Saturday. I put away the dishes, picked up my clothes off the floor, ironed a shirt and edited my latest podcast episode. (podcast plug!!) Seeing this list written it out though, I'm a bit underwhelmed...

This evening I am attending a LAN party. For those who know not, LAN stand for Local Area Network (I didn't know that) and is a gathering of folks to play an online multiplayer game in the same room. (This part I knew.) Back in the day, the only way to play games together was to be on the same network. This meant schlepping your desktop computer to your friends house to spend 48 hours in a video game trance, only taking breaks to drink energy drinks and use the bathroom. These days, it's just fun to all be in the same room yelling at each other.

The game in question is Final Fantasy XIV Online, my first ever MMO and I'm woefully addicted. It's fun and I know it's a flame that burns bright now but will fade as the weather outside gets nicer and nicer (I mean it's snowing out, what, am I not supposed to play video games?)

I still need to rub my new leather shoes with water resistant sauce (oil?) and clean the bathroom but I think today... I'm going to read and play video games and not give myself too much shit for looking at the snow from the inside, out.