Kiffe Kiffe Demain

I'm pretttty sure the title is French slang for "same shit, different day." It was the title of a book I read in a contemporary Parisian literature class when I studied abroad. sips tea with pinky raised

I did yoga this morning. I go to Yoga to the People, which is a donation based studio. Angelo did not have cash on him so I donated on his behalf, however, I did not expressly say this as we walked out and I put my money into the donation box our instructor was holding. He said they will think him a cheap free-loader and now he cannot show his face there again. He was mostly kidding.

FedEx delivered the shelves Megan ordered for the apartment today and the delivery guy carried the massive package up our five floor walk up. I really appreciated that, delivery guy.

I had a call today for the Kickstarter position. It went OK.

Then, this afternoon Paul (who had been in France for a MONTH) texted me that he was downstairs at Mountain Province, the coffee shop just below my building. I came down to join him and chat and catch up and work. I ordered a hot chocolate.