Inaugural Post

Some two years ago, riding the train in Queens with a one T Moody, A.K.A. my friend Tom, I remember saying: "If I had a blog, I'd name it Ineloquent Stuff. Because it's funny." (This was two years ago, I am paraphrasing.)

"Uh huh," he said. I got the impression Tom was never blown away with my blog name.

I went to Israel for birthright last month and kept a diligent journal for the 10 days, despite our insane itinerary. Then I put it all up on a Tumblr. I think two friends read it (thank you Tessa and Nora!) and one texted me:

“You should just keep blogging about your life.”

I said: “but my life isnt as interesting as when im in israel haha”

She said: “Ahah yea good point 😜”

I have overcome these hardships and odds to start this blog.

It's a mental exercise and a project so I don’t drive myself absolutely bananas. My first self-assigned unemployment “mental exercise” back in July was tweeting every hour for one week. I wrote two tweets before giving up. But I spent two days making this blog so I’m, like, invested.

Au moins, I’ll be writing something, good god, anything once a day for all of October.

Feel free to hit me up if you know anyone hiring.