Improv Class & the European Refugee Crisis

Another long day. When I got home Megan tried to convince me to go out to a show but I just couldn't do it, my feets were too tired.

Today I had pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I had a three hour improv class, a three hour break, and then a two hour improv practice.

I met up with Megan in SoHo during the break and we went shopping (Uniqlo!!!). I bought these weird comfy pants there that look like ski pants up close but really good far away? And they transcend comfort. Megan tried on a pair and simply said: "I could sleep right now." To say that while standing in a crowded store in SoHo on the weekend means a lot.

I just watched an episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver about the refugee crisis in Europe. Yesterday's Michael Moore film was all about the wonderful things European countries do for their citizens (universal health care, free higher education, paid vacation, etc., etc.) But John Oliver talked about what racist d-bags they're being, namely Hungary, Denmark, Poland and Slovakia, in outright trying to deter refugees from seeking asylum in their countries. That's a rude thing to do.

German citizens have been coming to train stations and applauding new refugees as they arrive.

In Where Should We Invade Next a woman from Iceland said she would never want to live in the US because we don't treat our neighbors well. So, c'mon Europe, help your neighbor. Although... how many refugees did the US agree to take? 10,000...?

Literally, this is as political as I get.