Give My Regards to Broadway

Coming at you from a café today.

Another very slow start this morning. Angelo and I did vocal warm ups after breakfast which I had trouble getting through like a squirmy child.

"If I was by myself, I would do the scale going back down." But not with you, because we've already been doing this 20 minutes, was the implication.

"How often do you do this?" I asked him.

"Every day." (For the past two weeks.)

Both Megan and Angelo have told me I have a good ear, which quite took me by surprise. I can hear notes, but I can't produce them.

When I was in middle school, I used to go to a musical theater summer camp. I've always loved theater and acting but my gosh, if I can't sing, I really can't dance.

I performed in Oliver! and Crazy For You as the person in the farthest corner upstage dancing in the ensemble numbers. The summer camp had at least 40 kids enrolled, maybe 60, when there really ought not to be more than 20 people on stage at one time. Each year the talented, triple-threat kids would snag all the leads (Can you blame them? One was on Broadway in Book of Mormon last year*), the dancers would get the ensemble parts actually listed in the script, and everyone else would be paraded onstage for group numbers.

I can only image what those numbers looked like. Uncoordinated herds of 11, 12 and 13 year-olds filling the stage, singing in muddled unison, then clearing out to leave the two principals alone.

I Googled the summer camp to do my proper research and they had photos from when I was there!! The header is real!!

*There was a sheaf of paper in our program telling us the part of so-and-so would be played by this other guy tonight. My mom saw that other guy was from SF. "Do you know him?"

"Why would I know him?" I looked at the paper. "WHAT, YES I DO?!"