House Party

I went to a house party last night which, to me, still feels quintessentially collegiate. House parties are rare in New York.

It was a listening party for the EP release of one of my boyfriend's bands, Iris Lune. (Link to EP.) He went to Berklee College of Music, as did both of my roommates so it has come to pass that I now know many, many musicians. I had never been to a 'listening party' before. It is what it sounds like. At one point we all sat down, turned off most of the lights, and listened to the new EP on the kind of speakers that a house of 5 musicians would own.

I have no musical talent or taste to speak of so all this exposure has been healthy for me. When I was little I listened to The Beatles, anime soundtracks, and musicals. As I got older and realized these were not viable, presentable music tastes (Beatles not-withstanding) I latched onto Top 40 tracks on a song-by-song basis.

There is a child screaming bloody murder in the hallway of my building right now.

At the party, there was a girl I quite liked wearing a sweater headband who teaches ESL in Chinatown and tutors children. She explained that she likes this job but still gets to do what she's passionate about (song writing). I said I would like to do that. We exchanged phone numbers.

I went to yoga this afternoon. At the beginning of class the instructor said, "Your breath should sound like the ocean." I like that.

Yoga and music listening parties? Sunday night music listening parties, because we don't have work tomorrow. What a bunch of privileged assholes.