Hotline Books

I just had such a lovely time laughing and catching up with two of my friends from birthright. We laughed and laughed and laughed. So much so that Zach said the back of his head started to hurt (from laughing so much).

The washing machine is NOT fixed by the way.

I tried helping Megan put up hanging bookshelves in her room but it turned into an ordeal. After she got the anchors in the wall she realized her screws were too short. Putting up the bookshelf in my room when we first moved in was also a huge pain in the ass. I knew nothing of drywall and anchors so I just screwed a few long screws directly into the wall. As I started to put books on the shelf, it jerked forward and spilled everything all over the floor. I learned that lesson the hard way but I love my bookshelf now! Sometimes I sit on my bed and admire it. I am proud of my little room.


I am obsessed with the new Drake video Hotline Bling. It just feels like art.