Hey-la-day-la my boyfriend's back

When I got home from improv today, I thought the apartment smelled like a rodent cage. The accuracy of this is debatable but when I sat on the sofa the mouse ran out from under the coffee table (actually more like a coffee chest) to its stove home base.

When Megan got home I said the mouse needs to go, I want to figure out a solution (I am essentially the only roommate that sees it.)

So Megan volunteered to move the stove off the wall and peek into the mouse's lair. I sat on the couch and cowered in fear. Apparently there was a sticky trap behind the stove with a decomposing dead mouse on it (not to be confused with the alive one running around our apartment) and a lot of mouse poop. She pushed back the stove. Looks like it's been there at least a few months, what's another couple days? Gotta tell Ernest about that.

I burned my hand ironing some shirts because I was watching Disney animated shorts while doing it. There wasn't a lot of dialogue so I kept looking up to watch what was happening. I went to get my ice pack out of the freezer and... it's gone. One of those frustrating, what-the-fuck-did-I-do-with-that-thing moments. I found my face towel in the bathroom trash this week because I absentmindedly threw it away after using it the day before, so who knows what I did with the ice pack. Trader Joe's frozen organic Superfood Pilaf will have to do.

Father John Misty came up a couple times today so I revisited his first album Fear Fun. Ah, it's so good. One of those rare albums (for me) that I listened to back-to-back obsessively.

I'm very musically spoiled. I put zero effort into curating my music tastes, it all just plops in my lap via my roommates and boyfriend. They give me hot ass recommendations and I throw it on my working or twerking? Spotify playlist.

Angelo is back from Vermont! He was away in Vermont for a week on a band songwriting retreat, I don't think I mentioned that.