Click This Please

Haha that counts as an impression!

I installed Google Analytics on my blog, just in time for the last three days of October! It was stupid easy and I should have done it a while ago! This way I can get a sense of traffic, even if no one is leaving comments (won't you leave a comment, good sir/miss?). Fingers crossed, but I think my readership could be in the tens.

I watched Blue Is the Warmest Color last night on Netflix, a three hour French film about lesbians. I felt très sophisticated but it wouldn't be a French film without several lengthy sex scenes, would it? Even alone on my couch I felt a little uncomfortable with the unflinching gaze of the camera. I read the graphic novel the movie is based on last year, and let me tell you Mr. Kechiche changed some stuff. SPOILERS but ain't nobody died in the movie.

As far as my rusty French goes, I couldn't understand any of the dialogue between the teenagers. Youths.

SXSW Interactive cancelled two panels on harassment in the gaming community because they received an influx of harassment after announcing the panels. Because of this, Buzzfeed and Vox have pulled out of SXSW. Digg has a great brief rundown of what happened. I liked this quote from Buzzfeed especially:

“We will feel compelled to withdraw … if the conference can’t find a way to do what those other targets of harassment do every day — to carry on important conversations in the face of harassment.”

I want to jump into the dialog and say: SXSW re-think this poor decision! To stop a discourse on harassment because of harassment only speaks to how much we need this panel. But I feel self-conscious sharing my political opinions on social media. These are issues I care about but I don't know that I've yet found a way to voice them. Except it seems I don't mind sharing them here. Hmmmm ¯_(ツ)_/¯