Hello, It's Me

Hello, yes, it's me. I'm not going to make a big hoopla of my gap in time, let's just jump right back to it, ok? I missed you guys.

A lazy Saturday. I stayed the night at Angelo's last night and met his two new roommates. (One of the bedroom's in his four-bedroom apartment is under constant Airbnb rotation.) There is currently a couple staying in the tiny room with one twin bed. The boyfriend is British, buff, very tall and totally sweet. I think he looks like Kit Harrington if Kit Harrington was 3x taller and bulkier. His girlfriend is a small, pretty Brazilian girl. Meeting them felt very New York to me. He is an actor/model and an agency signed him yesterday. They were drinking wine to celebrate.

I've been trying to exercise every morning for seven minutes using the appropriately named "7 minute workout" app. Though I've yet to do it every day for a week straight (I get an achievement if I do!) I've been like, pretty good at keeping it up.

I'm also taking Taekwondo on Tuesdays and Thursdays and loving it. I've always wanted to take a martial art. Mostly because it's beautiful and badass but also for the meditative, energy-focusing aspect. Plus, I like my exercise to be around doing something and not exercise for the sake of exercise. I took Muay Thai kickboxing for a semester in college (wasn't for me. too much about punching someone's ear off and not enough about the beauty of form) and tried Aikido for three months in Manhattan when I first moved here (too expensive.) I've been diligently practicing my white belt forms but I did them while looking in the mirror today and I looked significantly less cool than I felt.

I was reading in bed the other night and saw a movement out of the corner of me and instinctively jerked my head up and stared at the backpack in the far corner of my room, filled with clothes I've been meaning to take into Goodwill. I chuckled to myself, thinking After the mouse and the cockroaches, I'm so paranoid!! There's nothing there. And then a mouse stuck out it's head and ran back out of my room. Like, what the fuck?

I may have eaten too much chocolate while writing this. Only time will tell.

Ahhh the fire alarm in Megan's room just started the low-battery beeping. The trick I've found with our fire alarms is that if you press the one button on them they'll stop the low-battery beeping for a few weeks...