Yesterday was Halloween. I didn't dress up or nothin' but I had a nice enough Saturday. I went to improv class (my show is next week and I am nervous!) grabbed a bite to eat with some classmates and then headed over to Toby's to play boardgames. I got there about 5 and stayed until midnight. We played Colt Express (robbers on a train in the wild, wild west), a steam punk game about exploring Mars and The Great Dalmuti (essentially Asshole). I won the first two games. 💪

I said it before, but I really can't drink anymore. I had half of a hefty whiskey apple cider yesterday and started to get a blaring headache. I stopped drinking and then started pounding back the waters but I felt weirdly nauseous for the rest of the evening. I lament this inability to consume alchohol, but then again I've heard both of my roommates come into the bathroom and vomit this morning (or at least one of them did twice.) They went to a Halloween warehouse party last night.

I wanted to do yoga this morning but I have no clean sports bras! That feels like such a lame excuse to not exercise but I don't want to dig through my laundry and put on an old one and our washing machine is still broken ~thank you~ and I don't feel like doing my giant sack of laundry at the laundromat on a Sunday when I can do it on an empty Monday. Uggggh, fine I'll just wear an old one.

I have a theory Spotify only picks the absolute worst ads to play on the free tier to shame you into going premium. If not, the standard for radio advertising is low indeed. Stilted and unnatural seems to be the guiding aesthetic. My new least favorite is for a hair coloring product where a hair dresser scolds his client in a clipped British accent for going to another stylist. She explains she did it at home, using product XYZ, she hasn't cheated on him at all!!! He acquiesces, "OK, you can use it but no cutting." Ah thank god, the much coveted permission from my hair stylist to use a hair product.

A friend of mine recommend me for a position at a very early stage start-up. They got back to me yesterday, a Saturday. Working in tech is to be hypothetically available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Just getting that one first email on a Saturday afternoon asking to set up a time to talk makes me hesitant to jump back into that world. Give me corporate America where the work day ends at 5 and there are no office ping pong tables. But the unemployed do not look gift horses in the mouth.

The header is me n my roommates all wearing our last minute costumes. (I went out the night before but not on Halloween.) From left to right we are a sheep (people guessed bear, cowardly lion), a domino (guesses: Dalmatian, dice) and a tourist (I got one "I don't know").