Guess Who's Back? (Back Again)

It's me! Maybe back for forever this time?! I'm here to tell you about the small things in my day, like old times. Come along!

Refresher: I am employed now. Big change. I get up in the mornings and get dressed and go to work. The office is currently under construction so we have been working at a temporary workspace: WeWork in DUMBO (this is an acronym and neighborhood in Brooklyn: Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass.) If you are familiar with SF, it's sort of like Dogpatch; industrial but now bougie thanks to tech.

Working out of WeWork is interesting. They are a shared workspace where you can rent small offices with trendy wallpaper and fancy coffee table books. My company, around 40 people, is the largest one in the building and we have three rooms. WeWork's slogan is "Do what you love" and they have it printed on everything, from the coffee mugs to the key cards. I like optimism but I find the bland, over-simplified, preachy-ness of do what you love to be grating. Like, duh, no one's arguing the counterpoint do what you hate or do work to pay bills.

I guess it's meant for the bright-eyed young entrepreneur starting their own business, walking into the office on the first day, doubting all their choices all over again, nervous because they quit their stable job in advertising to start a fashion label for dogs. "Do what you love," they read upon the wall, and on the key card they've been handed and then later on the mug they use for coffee. Each time their resolve is momentarily strengthened; the road ahead won't be easy, oh no, but dog fashion is what they love, after all.

Anyway, there's also a squeaky fan in our hallway that sounds exactly like crickets. To be honest, it's a soothing, ambient noise and reminds me of summer nights in the woods and not winter in Brooklyn.

Speaking of, it was cold today. I wore (and am wearing) delicious fleece lined pants that feel like blankets on my legs. I bought them quite a while ago at Uniqlo (in this entry!) and they sat in my drawer for three months as I slowly began to wonder why I had ever bought them. They look like ski pants. But when it's 16 degrees out, blanket legs are just what you want and need.

My official job title is Junior Game Designer. I design games. I would not have thought I'd be so lucky as to get a job doing something so cool. I work for the iOS game TwoDots and I make and play levels all day long. I guess you could say, I'm doing what I love. ;)

I had more notes on my phone about today but I think that's enough for now. I needed to catch you all up on what I been doing. :DDD

Happy New Year!