Maester Kris

I didn't do anything today.

I slept in until 10 and stayed at Angelo's until noon. When I got home I ate left over banana pancakes from the day before.

I cracked open my laptop with the intention of doing work. And then...

Somehow I spent all my time looking up Game of Thrones theories. I've been rereading the third book, A Storm of Swords, while taken diligent notes on history and oddities, cross-checking facts with A World of Ice and Fire, the tome GRRM published last winter. It's something I naturally find myself wanting to do so I try not to make myself feel guilty about it anymore. I've uncovered some weird buried gems I never noticed in my initial read through.

I think I'll do a post touching on some of the things I've uncovered so far (edit: I did! here). But let me say this: there is no way Daario Naharis is Euron Greyjoy. Right??

I called our super and told him we had seen three cockroaches in the past week. We had an episode with cockroaches last year AND DO NOT WANT THAT TO HAPPEN AGAIN. He said he would call me back in a couple minutes. He did not call. I called him again a few hours later. He said he would call me back in a couple minutes. I begrudgingly hung up. This time he did call back. The exterminator is coming the following Wednesday.

Simply maintaining a nice acceptable livelihood can feel like an uphill battle in NYC. Currently our roof has a leak, the washing machine is broken, the microwave turns on and off of its own accord and now we've had three roach sightings. We are waiting on the "appliance people" who our super says he's already been waiting for for two weeks. Please, apartment gods please hear my prayers.

Maybe I'll go to a friend's comedy show tonight.

My friend Maya recommended I do this blog to help me feel more accountable for what I do in a day. Oops.