East of Eden = NY?

Today was good.

I sent my résumé to the girl from the music listening party. I applied to a very exciting job at Kickstarter called "Games Outreach Lead" which means you find indie game developers and ask them to put their projects on Kickstarter. Up my alley or what??

I went downstairs to the coffee shop next door at one point and ordered a mango avocado smoothie (they sound so gross, but taste so good) which I have sometimes as a makeshift lunch. Today it was just to get out of the apartment though. It was lovely outside but I soon returned to my hovel. lol jk my apartment gets great natural light, that's one of the reasons we picked it.

I read East of Eden on the couch for a while. I've really liked it so far but it's starting to irk me. Spoilers but enough with the psychopathic evil people who like manipulating others and the bozos who let themselves be manipulated. We had Charles, then Cathy/Kate and now with Cal I'm rolling my eyes a little. Oy yo yoi I hope one twin doesn't kill the other to fulfill their biblical destiny. (They won't because of that quote Lee said 'Thou mayest...' something something)

When Megan got home we sat in her room and she played me some Megan-originals on the new electric guitar she has on long-term loan from a friend.

Angelo came over and we all discussed Bernie Sanders vs. Hillary Clinton, abhorrent sub-reddits and the death arena that is the San Francisco housing market.

And just like that, somehow, a day is filled.