Don't You Forget About Me

You guys! I'm so sorry to have left you for so long. Believe you me, Barcelona was an internet desert. Even places with free WiFi had you signing up and liking their social pages and handing over your email address; I used these opportunities to text people and try to post Instagram pictures (I managed to get up two). The WiFi at the hotel was unreliable at best and often non-existent.

That is to say, I tried to keep this blog informed and fresh but the internet connection did not allow it. I hope I haven't lost you, my readership, due to my negligence! I wrote in my journal (by hand!) every day in Barcelona, so I can still relate my adventures. Does this appeal to you?

Nonetheless, I checked my stats just now and oddly there was a huge surge in traffic while I was away and not posting. A little bit of digging revealed that these people were coming from long, obscure domains and are most likely not people at all but bots. Ho hum.

In other news today was my first day of work! I started on a Wednesday, a wet, rainy, foggy Wednesday when the L train was down both when I got up this morning and coming home. The cold I caught in Spain seems to be worsening (the Spanish flu perhaps?). I am the person that got sick in a foreign country and is now introducing a new strain of disease into an unprepared environment. It's only a matter of time before this cough and sore throat sweeps the office entire. But it was a good first day :)

I just burnt my knee on the oven door when I tried to close it... with my knee. Why am I so dumb? I am feeling pretty loopy what with the jet lag (got up at 5 am for my first day of work, baby!) and sickness.

Header image is a picture of the sidewalk in Barcelona because my god, YES, you should have flower-patterned concrete.