Demon Kitty

I'm a cat person. No question. I believe there's love in their hearts behind the icy stares. But in the two days I've been looking after Pom, she has:

  • attacked my backpack, umbrella, purse, laptop case and the shower curtain when I left the bathroom door open.
  • knocked over my hair product, makeup, face cream, Alia's face cream, my sunglasses, my watch (off the nightstand, picked it up in her mouth and ran to the kitchen so I had to get out of bed and chase her), my cell phone charger, my keys and a glass of water I left on the kitchen table.
  • bitten me on my hands and strangely, the tops of my feet.
  • jumped on top of dressers and desks to knock hanging pictures. Multiple times this has happened.

She stands in the sink when you turn the sink on. She jumps on the table while you're eating. When you open the fridge she stands between it and the door. She sits under the bed for long stretches of time.

She is like a teenager lashing out, begging for attention. Maybe she misses her cool roommate (this is what Alia prefers to be called rather than her "mom") and is treating me like a substitute teacher, daring to see how much she can get away with, knowing there will be no lasting consequences.

She has also cuddled and purred with me, but my gosh if it doesn't feel like having a toddler and a teenager rolled into one (because I would know what that's like?).