Tonight was our best soccer game yet!

I got to the game a bit early and watched the little gymnasts practice in the room next door for a bit. I thought about how it's fairly innocuous for me, a 24-year-old girl, to stop and watch but if I was a guy it would be pretty creepy. Unfortunately that makes a good segue into the movie on right now...

My roommates are watching The Babysitters, a film in which several high school girls start a prostitution ring with Dads as their clients. It's pretty gross. There's some dumb romance at the center of the film where a father is in love with the main girl? He's asking her not to do the whole prostitution thing but it seems like we're glossing over the fact that he's a predatory creep sleeping with an underage girl. I predict it will all get wildly out of control and someone is going to kill someone.

The high school girls and dads are currently at a sex retreat cabin. It seems like drugs are starting to get involved.

OK so no one died but they did dangle one girl off of an overpass because she was doing her own business on the side and THEN it was revealed the guy she was sleeping with was the main girl's dad.

Sigh, I'm sure you're glad I shared that with you.