Couch Blues

I called our management company about the washer/dryer but the man who is in charge of our building was not at the office.

I got a jury duty eligibility questionnaire in the mail. It said my name may have been pulled from an unemployment list.

I have an interview at Comedy Central next week. (yay!)

I updated my personal website today.

I like to think of the blow-up man across the street as my personal champion, cheering me on.

I went out tonight and got drinks with old co-workers in the West Village which I didn't want to do at first because I had the couch blues but I went and it was wonderful to see them.

Afterwards we went to see Dan's childhood friend perform in Williamsburg. A free show with a one drink minimum--or at least I thought that's what the server said but Alia never ordered a drink. My gin and tonic could have used some gin in it.

The show was just a guy and his electric guitar, no band at all. Like acoustic songs...but on an electric guitar? Does that make it the opposite of acoustic? The opening line of his first song was "I support the war on drugs" and I still have no idea if he was being sincere or ironic.