Animal Crossing

What a joy to share with you all the wonderful things I've been doing with my free time while unemployed. In addition to researching Game of Thrones theories I have been playing Animal Crossing.

For those who do not know Animal Crossing is unique among video games in that the game's clock passes in real time. One minute in Animal Crossing is one minute in real life; a year in Animal Crossing is a year of your life. It's not a game you sit down and play for four hours straight. It's a game you play for twenty minutes every day for months.

The point of the game is to pay off the loans on your house that you keep expanding. You can catch bugs and fish and sell those to make money. You can decorate your home with furniture and style your villager how you please. Your town is also full of zany animals who have the best dialogue and really are the heart of the game. I just found out today one of my villagers moved out. I'm pretty bummed. There's a weird mouse in my town I've been giving the silent treatment in the hopes of getting him to move but instead my friend Puck the penguin leaves. C'est la vie Animal Crossing.

Here is a highlight reel of my best Animal Crossing looks throughout the two years I've owned this game.

kung fu master

"Kung-Fu Master"

Russian Bourgeoisie

"Russian Bourgeoisie"

cold hipster

"Hipster, Winter Time"



hipster bro

"Hipster Bro"

anime cat

"Anime Cat"





Grandma Geisha Ninja

"Grandma Ninja Geisha"


"Ultimate Hipster"

Little Red Riding Hood

"Little Red Riding Hood"

Dutch Milkmaid

"Dutch Milkmaid"

and this is the kind of stuff villagers say to you.

jaw dropping physique a fair number of cucumbers

And finally the 3-DS comes equipped with a low quality but high in fun face swapping app so enjoy this picture of my friend Ben's face on my sister Molly followed by my face on my father.