Analyze This

I successfully put together a last-minute impromptu Halloween costume! Huzzah! I shall be a tourist of vague middle American origins. Not the most original but I had a fanny pack, mom jeans, and a camera case lying around and spent no money assembling the costume so I consider it a success. Pictures to potentially follow.

I've recently read a bevy of brilliantly written articles and it's made me feel glum about my own inept prose, exemplified by this piece about selfies from the New Yorker. Not that I have journalistic aspirations, nor should I be comparing myself to paid professionals, but their writing stuns me: simultaneously graceful, charming, witty, a touch enigmatic and yet bright with clarity. That was me trying to do it. Did it work? I think I'm still married to the analytic-essay style of writing. Therefore, in conclusion, it remains difficult to effectively change my syntax and tone.

That said, I submitted a story idea to the website Femsplain for their November theme "Internet Connections" and I've just received an email that my story idea got the green light and I get to write it. That's exciting!

I checked my analytics. Nine unique people read this blog yesterday! Yay!! I believe we can break double digits before October is up.

And look how international you guys are:


I'm not sure if I'm being sarcastic. Russia is unexpected. (Shout out to Nora bringing in the French numbers.)

This fucking mouse, I swear. He's cute but I absolutely hate him. Why do you like me so much??? Broad daylight he comes over.