A Job, Ho!

Well I got the tutoring job. I went in for the interview today and they offered it to me at the end.

I'm going back tomorrow to sit in on their classes. They wanted me to stay today but I had my second job interview of the day later this afternoon. The job itself seems sweet and wholesome and doesn't pay too badly but since it's not that many hours a week (2:30-6pm) it does not pay as much as unemployment does. On the one hand, it leaves my schedule fairly open and free to do other part time paying things, but on the other, I was a little sad when I realized it wouldn't even cover my monthly bills. Essentially, I want to do it, but, say (fingers crossed) I get the Comedy Central job, I don't want to tell them after one week that I'm quitting.

There's a bowl of caramel apple lollipops left over from Halloween staring me down and I want to throw them all out.

Another surprise repair man showed up this afternoon just before my second job interview. He came to look at the broken microwave but he was distinctly not carrying a new microwave with him (Ernest/Emez had told me the next time the microwave shuts off by itself, we'd get a new one.) He did the same couple of things the other two repairmen before him did. He looked at the breaker, asked if the other electronic appliances were working in the kitchen. He took out all the stuff from the shelf above the microwave, as the past two guys have done.

He knocked on my bedroom door while I was on the phone giving my interview. I opened the door and pointed to the phone but he was done and needed to leave and I had to sign a document. I decided to go with honesty, as I had done during my last phone interview, when I was wheezing into the receiver while walking up steps. "I'm so sorry, there's a repairman in my apartment who needs my attention. Just one moment." Maybe if someone told me when our appliances would or would not be fixed, I could plan accordingly and not have someone over during, say, I don't know, a job interview. "You need a new machine," he said and left.

I could have told you that.